Newspaper banner ads for Berkshire Community College.

A series of three proposed journal spreads created for a new business pitch for the Neupro (Rotigotine) Transdermal Patch. The cricket, illustrated under my art direction by Steven Salerno, represented the late-night jumpiness that patients with RLS experience. This concept and execution was largely responsible for winning the global account.

An example of my experience creating large-scale graphics for convention booths.

An inspirational room-drop item was conceptualized and assembled for pharmaceutical training for the Gliadel Wafer, which allows surgeons a greater ‘reach’ when combatting certain brain tumors.

A wintertime promotional piece for McK Advertising featuring a branded beach chair toy with fun accessories. The mailer included a tropical postcard that read “Wish You Were Here.”

Classified advertisement designed for JF Griffin’s hunting and fishing publications.