Infographics, Video, Forms

Several projects showcasing unique projects for a variety of clients.

  • Type Infographics, Forms, Video

Multi-slide infographic presentation created with Adobe Illustrator for Sermo, a social network for physicians.

Interactive PDF presentation created with Adobe InDesign. The PDF shows JF Griffin’s reach and capabilities for a Toyota sales pitch. This document improved upon an existing PowerPoint presentation. User navigation is located at the bottom of the page.

Please view this video at the following link:

An educational video filmed at the Clark Art Institute, featuring a group of local school children completely captured by the art lesson. This is one of many videos that I digitally filmed and edited (using Adobe Premiere) during my internship at the Clark in 2002. The videos were featured on the museum website for a number of years, but are no longer available — apologies for the poor quality.

Ad Request Form created to streamline communication between the JF Griffin sales team and designers.

Entrance Application Form for the Dalton Cooperative Nursery School.

Postcard Request Form for Gibson Real Estate designed to facilitate communication between 100+ realtors and the design team.

A fun ballot designed for 2013 Academy Awards parties, sold as an instant-download in my online Etsy shop.

Custom Post-It notes to be stuck to an office computer after IT has repaired an issue (or not!). Designed for Thompson Course Technology.